Seth MacFarlane Penny Johnson Jerald in The Orville

Star Trek fans will find plenty of ways The Orville, the new FOX sci-fi comedy created by and starring Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), has gone where Trek has gone before. MacFarlane, a lifelong Trek fan who has even guest-starred in two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, teamed with Enterprise‘s producer Brannon Braga to bring The Orville to television. The result is a very loving homage of Trek‘s familiar iconography, tropes, and conventions.

Set in 2418, a hundred years after the 24th century of Star Trek‘s “prime timeline” that ranged from The Original Series in the 1960s to Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002, The Orville is about the down-on-his-luck Captain Ed Mercer (MacFarlane), ...

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