Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele in Fifty Shades Freed

The first trailer for Fifty Shades Freed has been released, promising more of the same and a thriller vibe. The brief teaser shows that Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey have now reached the point in their relationship where they’re getting married. Although after the wedding is when couples are usually expected to begin settling down, the teaser makes it clear that the drama will only be reaching new heights in the conclusion to the trilogy.

The past movies and the E.L. James books on which they are based upon have been controversial due to how they depict the relationship between Anastasia and Christian, with some fearing the romanticized BDSM sets confused relationship expectations. Regardless, both Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker have been extremely popular in print and on screen; the first film is not only one of the highest grossing R-rated movies ever, but also one of the ...

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