Kiefer Sutherland as Nelson Wright in Flatliners 1990

A new Flatliners TV spot offers the first glimpse of Kiefer Sutherland reprising his role of Nelson Wright from the original film. In just a couple more weeks, Sony’s Flatliners arrives in theaters. The film continues to be promoted like a remake of the original, despite its long-since revealed status as a loose sequel. To be fair though, the connective tissue between the two Flatliners only amounts to a single character, albeit an important one: Sutherland’s Nelson Wright.

As any fan of director Joel Schumacher’s original 1990 Flatliners will recall, Sutherland’s Wright was the driving force behind the dangerous experiments that he and a group of four other med students embarked upon. While he didn’t force anyone to participate, he did become more and more crazed as his not so nice encounters with life beyond death continued to increase in horrifying intensity.

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Flatliners TV Spot Features a Kiefer Sutherland Cameo