south park

South Park has revealed the satirical subject matter for its season 21 premiere, with a short video that pits the central gang against Confederate-flag-waving protestors. This comes as something of a surprise, after co-creator Trey Parker pledged that South Park season 21 would be less about politics and more about “kids being kids”.

Parker has also stated recently that the South Park writing staff have decided toback off and let [politicians] do their comedy and we’ll do ours”, because he believes that “satire has become reality”. However, the allure of satirical comedy seems to have been too strong, with Parker and Matt Stone delving into timely subject matters once more, as arguments about Confederate statues rage around the web and tensions mount between the left and the right in the USA.

In the show’s typically on the nose style, this video came with a short synopsis that spells out ...

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