Sam and Dean Winchester Supernatural season 13

The first Supernatural season 13 trailer has arrived, and it reveals that there is a new sheriff town: a dapper chap (presumably from Hell) with a southern accent and a smart suit. This as-yet-unnamed adversary is bound to cause a lot of trouble for Jared Padalecki’s Sam and Jensen Ackles’ Dean when the show returns to The CW next month.

The trailer comes at the tail end of a bumper week of news for Supernatural fans. Over the last few days, fans have seen Sam, Dean and Misha Collins’ Castiel on an arty poster that teases the “dawn of darkness”, as well as glimpsing the return of Jake Abel’s Michael in a snow-covered first-look image. Prior to that, showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed that Castiel is “more dead than people usually get on our show” when season 13 kicks off. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

And now ...

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