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Celebrating Tom Petty: Musicians & Celebrities Pay Tribute

Tom Petty was taken off of life support after being found unconscious, with musicians and Hollywood stars honoring the music icon.

Bradley Cooper Eyed for WWE Founder Vince McMahon Biopic Pandemonium

A new report claims that an offer has been issued to Bradley Cooper to play WWE founder Vince McMahon in the upcoming biopic Pandemonium.

Optimus Prime Returning for the Bumblebee Spinoff Movie


Optimus Prime has been confirmed to return in Travis Knight’s 2018 Bumblebee spinoff. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are among the only characters who have appeared in each Transformers movie ever since Michael Bay launched the live-action franchise in 2007, thereby providing Paramount Pictures with one of their most financially successful franchises ever. And since cinematic universes are all the rage in Hollywood these days, after Bay’s Transformers: Age of Extinction released in 2014, the studio decided to push full-steam ahead with their own shared universe.

Paramount had hired Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to oversee their newly-formed Transformers writer’s room, which consisted of some of the industry’s top ...

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15 Most Stunning Aliens In Star Trek


Star Trek has given viewers many different aliens across its television shows and movies. Through the franchise’s exploration of different cultures and moralities across the universe, we were almost guaranteed to meet a new alien person or race with each new episode. Often, the alien or alien race would be the subject of only that single episode, but they could make a big impact on viewers and fans. Especially some of the female characters.

While the alien women were confident and intelligent and never afraid to fight their own battles – literally and figuratively – you can see how Star Trek evolved in presenting these women. From revealing costumes (The Original Series mainly) to freedom ...

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How Disney & Universal Teamed Up To Make Unbreakable Sequel


Director M. Night Shyamalan’s film Glass, which began filming this week in the director’s hometown and favored location of Philadelphia, is something unique in Hollywood history: A combined sequel to two different films, made a decade-and-a-half apart, by the same director. The film follows up both Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, from 2000, and his Split, from earlier this year, the latter of which featured a post-credits scene that brought the films’ universes together.

Glass, set for release in early 2019will feature the casts of both films, with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson returning from Unbreakable and James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy from Split, with Shyamalan returning to write and ...

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