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Will The Last Jedi Crash Movie Ticketing Sites?

The Last Jedi advanced tickets go on sale soon; will you be able to buy them?

20 Unused X-Men Concept Art Designs Better Than What We Got


Moviegoers owe the X-Men films for today’s superhero craze. They aren’t perfect and weren’t the first in the genre to meet success, but they demonstrated the viability of superhero films as blockbusters to studios and fans everywhere. Since then, heroes have dominated the box office, and with recent hits like Logan and Deadpool, 20th Century Fox is keeping their uncanny mutants in the race.

Despite the huge success of the franchise, X-Men hasn’t always implemented the most striking visuals. Instead of using the bright colors and distinct costumes that the X-Men comics are known for, the movies are often wrapped in black leather ...

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Polaris Will Fly In This Season of The Gifted

Emma Dumont Polaris The Gifted

Emma Dumont just revealed that Polaris will fly at some point in season 1 of The Gifted. The actress made her debut, along with several other new characters, as the Mutant Underground in last Monday’s series premiere, which drew solid reviews and garnered better ratings than Inhumans. There was a glimpse of Polaris’ considerable power during the opening sequence, when she nearly kills a pair of police officers using her abilities to manipulate the Earth’s magnetic field.

Polaris doesn’t just control magnetism with her hand movements, however, as she can also ride the magnetic field as a form of flying. There was no indication in the series premiere that she would possess that particular ability on The Gifted, but Dumont confirmed at ...

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Blade Runner 2049: Different Types of Replicants Explained


Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Blade Runner 2049

Replicants were first introduced to the world with the release of Blade Runner in 1982, and now that Blade Runner 2049 is in theaters, fans of the original movie can see just how much they have evolved since 2019. Replicants don’t contain any circuits or wiring, but instead are biogenetic androids made of entirely organic substances, originally created by the fictional Tyrell Corporation. They look nearly identical to adult humans, with extra features dependent on the model, but are (supposedly) incapable of experiencing emotions. They can only be differentiated from humans with the Voight-Kampff test, in which the suspected replicants ...

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Castle Rock Teaser Trailer: Stephen King Comes to Hulu

Castle Rock Teaser

A new teaser trailer for Hulu’s Castle Rock series has arrived. New York Comic Con has become one of the most important conventions for pop culture enthusiasts, bringing exclusives and trailers from various upcoming films and TV series from various genres. Among the many upcoming projects that had their place at this year’s NYCC was Hulu’s Castle Rock.

The psychological horror series, based on the works of horror master Stephen King, brings together various characters and themes from the fictional town of Castle Rock and from King’s mythology as well. During their panel, the producers and part of the cast presented the first teaser trailer, showing some of the characters that we will get to meet when the series premieres.

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Executive producers and writers Sam Shaw and ...

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