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Teen Titans GO! Movie Poster Announces Title and Cast

Warner Bros. Pictures has announced the title and full cast for the upcoming Teen Titans GO! movie, arriving in theaters summer 2018.

Marvel Legacy Won’t Feature One Major X-Men Character


With the launch of Marvel Legacy, fans are certainly excited for the returns of Jean Grey, Wolverine, and many others, but one prominent X-Men character will remain dead: Cyclops. That decision is a curious one given the character’s history in the comics, but that doesn’t mean Marvel will be left without Scott Summers on its roster

Marvel Legacy has been touted by Marvel executives and writers as a push to embrace the company’s roots by returning to iconic characters who have been replaced over the past few years by newer, younger heroes. Marvel Legacy is giving Steve Rogers his shield back, making Deadpool a villain again, and ...

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Why Aunt Beru Is the Most Important Character in the Star Wars Universe

Without Aunt Beru the Star Wars universe as we know it heading into The Last Jedi wouldn't exist.

Gotham Stars Tease Dark & Creepy Professor Pyg


When Professor Pyg arrives on Gotham, he’ll serve as one of the show’s most depraved villains yet. Gotham the city and Gotham the series have always focused on the darker and more deranged corners of society. As the environment that bred Batman, it makes sense that so many of the city’s citizens would turn to lives of murder and destruction. And while Gotham has featured some of DC’s most despicable villains so far, they’re far from finished.

Scarecrow will continue to bring the fear on Gotham in coming episodes, and he’ll soon be joined by the hulking zombie that is Solomon Grundy. Adding in the Sirens, Penguin, Riddler, Ra’s al Ghul, and, of course, the sadistic ...

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Dream Sequences Make the DCEU Worse Not Better

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent in Justice League and the Knightmare from Batman v Superman

The DCEU is known (and criticized) for many things, but one of the most prevalent is the overreliance on dream sequences. Across its four movies so far, there’s been copious dreams, visions, flashbacks and more that are meant to flesh out the story, and yet all they really do is weaken what’s being attempted. And it looks like Justice League is going to cap it off.

Now, dream sequences aren’t inherently a bad idea. Many iconic moments in otherwise realistic films are surreal – Scottie’s fever dream after Madeline’s death in Vertigo, Sarah Connor’s vision of the future in Terminator 2: ...

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Dream Sequences Make the DCEU Worse Not Better

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