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Grey or Pink: New Shoes Ignite Another Viral Color Controversy

Forget that old dress, a new shoe has reignited an online color war that is not easily answered.

Roswell Series Reboot Is In Development at The CW


Roswell is being rebooted by The CW. In 1999 the series Roswell first aired. It ran for three seasons, first on The WB and later on UPN. The series was based on a ten book series by Melinda Metz called Roswell High. Part science fiction and part teen romance, the books told the story of several aliens living as human teenagers, and the humans they both fell in love with and befriended, all the while trying to evade evil aliens and humans who were looking for the extraterrestrial teens.

The series started off similarly to the books, with the alien Max using his ability to manipulate matter to save the life of his classmate Liz after she ...

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15 Facts You Never Knew About Disney Child Stars


Disney is one of the most successful companies in the world. With properties like MarvelStar Wars, and Pixar under their belt, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there is also a television empire. In addition to ABC, ESPN, and a 30% share of Hulu, Disney has a cadre of original programs and movies that air on various Disney-themed networks for kids.

It’s hard to gauge just how successful franchises like Hannah Montana and High School Musical were for Disney from a merchandising standpoint. The child stars that made these shows possible were hot commodities and Disney worked as hard as it could to preserve the pristine images of many of their young performers. No ...

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Super Mario Odyssey Live-Action Trailer Gets Musical

Super Mario Odyssey open world sandbox Nintendo Switch

Just a few weeks ahead of its release on the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey has received a live-action trailer in the style of a Broadway musical, complete with a song and a dance ensemble.Super Mario Odyssey  marks a return to a 3D, open-world experience for the Super Mario franchise that was made popular with Super Mario 64 and the Gamecube game, Super Mario Sunshine.

The new game will take Mario on adventures though various Kingdoms, which include fantasy-based worlds and realistic cities filled with skyscrapers like New Donk City. The game will also introduce Mario’s sentient hat, Cappy, which will be an important component in how the game is played. Cappy can also be controlled in co-op mode.

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Nintendo has released a new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey which brings Mario to life in a live-action world. Set to the backdrop of ...

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Channing Tatum’s Gambit Gets February 2019 Release Date

Gambit Channing Tatum

Twentieth Century Fox is finally showing Channing Tatum some love by giving Gambit a Valentine’s Day 2019 release date. Tatum first joined the X-Men world a few years back and has been working to get his solo film off the ground ever since. But, the project has continued to see directors leave, only recently finding a potential guiding hand with director Gore Verbinski. The positive moves come after months of Tatum saying the project was starting over in the wake of Deadpool and Logan‘s success.

Whatever work has been done on the film since that point appears to be substantial. Not only is Verbinski’s hiring a good sign, but it has popped back up on ...

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