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Dora The Explorer Movie In The Works With Michael Bay Producing

Dora the Explorer Michael Bay

Good news for anyone who likes their educational cartoons to come with a healthy dose of massive explosions, as Michael Bay is producing a live-action movie version of Nickelodeon kids show Dora The Explorer. Running from 2000 to 2014, the animated series saw young Dora partake in an array of innocent adventures with her anthropomorphic backpack and monkey pal, Boots. Unfortunately, Dora’s day trips are usually ruined by a masked fox named Swiper who commits repeated acts of theft despite Dora asking him to stop on more than one occasion.

Despite its simple premise, Dora The Explorer has become an internationally successful franchise and Paramount Pictures has been ...

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Marvel Has Future Plans For 2 New Thor: Ragnarok Characters

planet hulk miek

General audiences have yet to meet new alien characters Korg and Miek in Thor: Ragnarok, but when they do it’ll represent only the beginning of their journey. In bringing a third Thor film to the big screen, Marvel Studios paired the God of Thunder up with the green giant to adapt one of Hulk’s most famous storylines. While Ragnarok is still very much Thor’s movie, it will dive into the Planet Hulk story from the comics. In Marvel Comics, this narrative followed Hulk after having been banished to a far away planet by the Illuminati – a secretive group of top Marvel heroes – where he becomes a prisoner forced to fight ...

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How Geostorm Became One of 2017’s Biggest Bombs

Gerard Butler's disaster movie Geostorm is set to lose $100 million or more for Warner Bros. after a terrible opening weekend.

The Lost Boys Nearly Had a Post-Credits Scene

Kiefer Sutherland and Alex Winter in Lost Boys

Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys almost had a post-credits scene that would have taken viewers back to lair of the vampires. Post-credits scenes in modern cinema have become quite common, in big part thanks to superhero films including one or more extra scenes mid-credits or after they finish rolling. But back in the ’80s these post-credits scenes were not a common addition to films, especially horror ones.

The 1987 film The Lost Boys follows teenage brothers Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim) who, after moving to a small town with their mother, come face to ...

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16 Most Controversial Members Of The Avengers


Marvel has arguably the most successful comic and film franchises of all time. Adults and children alike flock to comic shops, theaters, and conventions to show support for their favorite heroes.

This is an amazing feat since superheroes are meant to be inspiring role models. Heroes are known for defeating the forces of evil, selflessly standing up for the greater good, and making rational and logical choices. However, more often than not, Marvel’s heroes teach some incredibly inappropriate and controversial lessons to unsuspecting children. Sexism, racism, and bigotry are found at large in the Avengers universe.

Fans are quick to notice (and point out) Marvel’s offensive superhero storylines, however, which has led to some highly controversial characters ...

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