Ezra Miller Ben Affleck Mercedes Vision GT Justice League

Justice League has a large presence at this year’s New York Comic Con, having partnered with AT&T to to call Times Square their “Gotham” home. The AT&T store has statues, costumes, and other film replicas on display, and there will be exclusive autograph sessions with DCEU head, Geoff Johns, along with opportunities for fans to see new film footage and test out a VR experience.

It feels like each version of Batman that we see on screen, be it Christopher Nolan’s vision or back to Tim Burton’s unique take, has a different signature vehicle. Reboots, restarts, and remakes aside, each Batmobile is almost as unique as the Batsuit itself. We’ve gone from comic faithful versions, to the art-deco look of Batman: The Animated Series, and that we’ll see in Justice League are no different.

Directors draw inspiration from everywhere, and according to Mercedes-Benz (h/t to
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Justice League: Mercedes-Benz Promos Reveal New Cars and Footage