Robert Taylor returns for Longmire season 4

The wait is over: Netflix has officially released the first trailer for the upcoming final season of its contemporary Western/cop drama Longmire. While Netflix has certainly made a name for itself with original dramas and comedies like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, the streaming service has also dabbled in bringing canceled shows back to life for frustrated fans who were disappointed at lack of closure. Naturally, the biggest example most fans will point to is cult comedy show Arrested Development, but Longmire is perhaps just as responsible (perhaps more-so) for helping Netflix get its reputation for saving low-rated shows with a dedicated fanbase.

A&E ran Longmire for 3 seasons before suddenly canceling the show (which originally ended on a huge cliffhanger), but Netflix swooped in to save the modern Western, which has a cast including Robert Taylor in the title role as Sheriff Walt Longmire ...

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