Eline Powell in Siren Freeform

Freeform offered an extended look at its newest series about mermaids at New York Comic Con on Saturday. The series, titled Siren, follows Ryn (Eline Powell), a mysterious girl who arrives in Bristol Cove, a town that was originally a home to mermaids and is now a kitschy tourist stop for those hoping to catch a glimpse of an actual mermaid or spend some hard-earned cash on “real mermaid artifacts.”

The clip comes several months after Freeform released the initial trailer back in April, and it offers a better glimpse of how the series will present its mermaid-centric storyline. Viewers see Ryn waking up in an abandoned boat, and clearly checking out her feet (which may be new) before snacking on a rat and walking barefoot into Bristol Cove. Ryn walks along the storefronts of the quaint seaside town until she catches the eye of a shopkeeper who seems to understand just what the young woman is.

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Mermaid Show Siren Gets Sneak Peek Trailer & Premiere Date