Coco Star Wars VR

Virtual Reality is a growing trend in the entertainment world as of late, as both Pixar’s Coco and Disney’s Star Wars franchise have decided to take hold of the idea. With Pixar being part of Disney, it only makes sense that both would include virtual reality options for two of their big upcoming holiday releases. Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is a hyper-reality experience meant to be an attraction, while the virtual reality experience of Coco will be made available for consumers to use with their own VR devices.

The two experiences are as different from each other as the movies. One is meant to be interactive, while the other is meant to entice a future audience. While the experience for Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire revolves around the attraction at Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort, the Coco virtual reality experience allows users to explore the colorful world of the ...

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