The Flash Mixed Signals Promo

Barry Allen gets a new suit from his team in The Flash season 4 episode 2, ‘Mixed Signals’, but while the new costume has bonus features, they don’t seem all that helpful for the Scarlet Speedster while he is out saving the city. The CW series debuted its season 4 premiere, which saw the return of Barry to the real world. While he looked very different after half a year of being trapped in the Speed Force, he is rather eager to get back to his old life and self. By the end of the episode, thanks to a dangerous stunt Iris pulled, we see Barry as normal looking as possible, and Caitlin reports he’s now faster and healthier than ever.

While it seems that everything is back to normal, at least in regards to Team Flash with their hero and leader returned, Barry’s escape from the Speed Force doesn’t mean everything will be smooth sailing from now ...

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