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Prehistoric Snake-Headed Shark Terrorizes Coast of Portugal

Forget Jaws, there's a new ancient demon shark terrorizing the depths of the ocean.

Marvel Comics is Planning ‘The Wedding of the Century’

Storm and Black Panther

Two Marvel characters are getting hitched next year in an event that’s being called ‘The Wedding of the Century.’ Details on who the characters are have not been released.

The upcoming wedding comes at a time when Marvel is working to restore the status quo of some of its most iconic characters with Marvel Legacy. In just a few short months since it was first announced, Legacy has already led to the resurrections of Jean Grey, Wolverine, and Professor X. We also know that Thor will reclaim his title, Adam Warlock is set to return, and the Avengers are going to be one team again.

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Marvel Comics is Planning ‘The Wedding of the Century’

Justice League: Reportedly 15-20% Is From Joss Whedon’s Reshoots


Joss Whedon reportedly reshot 15-20 percent of Justice League according to one of the film’s producers. Right in the middle of post-production, Justice League was hit with the shocking and heartbreaking news that Zack Snyder was stepping away from the project following the death of his daughter. With Snyder unfortunately no longer available to complete his DC trilogy, Warner Bros. brought in Whedon to finish the film. The move came after Snyder already asked Whedon to write the scenes for additional photography, but Whedon’s hands on role was the source of plenty of controversy.

Throughout the extended reshoot period, reports continued to surface about what Whedon was changing ...

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Call of Duty: WWII Is Currently Broken [Updated]


Call of Duty: WWII was intended to be a return to form for publisher Activision’s flagship game franchise but its launch has been marred with errors and rampant server issues. The back-to-basics approach for the latest Call of Duty entry from developer Sledgehammer Games earned praise for finally moving the series away from over-the-top future tech and verticality, but it’s not delivering on its promises. At least, not yet.

This year’s Call of Duty is the first for the current generation of consoles to see its setting move back to the past, back to World War II where the franchise began with its first three games. This meant, classic, old school weapons mixed ...

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Halloween Reboot Changes Original Movie’s Ending

Danny McBride says that the upcoming Halloween reboot takes place in an alternate reality.
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