[SPOILERS for last night’s episode of Arrow.]

Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen realize that Slade’s son is dangerous in the promo for next week’s Arrow. Last night on Arrow, there were several big revelations. Almost overshadowing Oliver Queen’s story during the episode was the reveal of Vigilante’s identity, something fans have been anticipated for a year. As it turns out, Vigilante is Dinah Drake’s old partner and lover Vincent Sobel. He’s also a metahuman, with healing powers that protect him from everything – including a bullet to the forehead.

Meanwhile, Olive and Slade journeyed to rescue Slade’s son Joe from a life sentence in prison. They traveled to Kasnia to find Joe, imprisoned under the name Kane Wolfman. At first their efforts were thwarted, when Oliver was told that Kane Wolfman died in a prison fight. However, when he and Slade returned, they ...

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