Diane Lane as Martha Kent in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Diane Lane says she has seen Justice League and that’s she’s very pleased with how it turned out. The actress first appeared as Martha Kent – opposite Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent – in Zack Snyder’s 2013 film, Man of Steel, and she reprised her role in the filmmaker’s 2016 film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And now, she’s returning as Clark Kent’s mother one more time in Snyder’s Justice League, due out later this month.

Lane made headlines earlier this year when she inadvertently seemed to imply that Justice League wouldn’t be as good as the MCU’s Avengers movies. One of Lane’s representatives had to later clarify her comments, saying that Lane’s reluctance to reveal anything regarding the upcoming superhero team-up movie – particularly with regard to spoilers – was misinterpreted as her believing it wouldn’t be good at all, which ...

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