[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow ahead.]

Jefferson (Franz Drameh) and Martin (Victor Garber) will inadvertently switch bodies during their efforts to separate as Firestorm, next week on Legends of Tomorrow season 3. The writing has been on the wall for “Team Firestorm” ever since the announcement that Garber is leaving Legends of Tomorrow, in order to star in a Broadway revival of the musical Hello, Dolly! early next year. That means that somehow, Jefferson and Martin must sever their psychic link and find a way for the former to maintain his nuclear superpowers without having the latter around to help lighten the load.

Despite Jefferson and Ray’s (Brandon Routh) best attempts to do just that during this week’s episode, ‘Return of the Mack’, they mostly succeeded in reducing Jefferson’s short-term memory and not much else – before Stein figured out what ...

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