A new clip from next week’s episode of The Walking Dead previews a tense conversation between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). The previous meeting between the pair was what prompted fans to speculate that Gabriel will be the next major character to be killed off on the show, to begin with.

The Walking Dead season 8 brought “All Out War” to the Saviors after Rick united Alexandra, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom into making a stand against their oppressors. In the season premiere, Rick and the others launched a coordinated attack on Negan’s base. With the aid of a zombie hoard, Rick’s army was able to lay waste to the Saviors’ outpost. The battle was a victory for Rick’s forces, though it didn’t come without a cost. Aaron (Ross Marquand) lost his husband Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson), and Gabriel was left behind by Gregory (Xander Berkeley).

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