Jason Isaacs in Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 9

A new trailer for the midseason premiere of Star Trek: Discovery raises more questions than it answers. The trailer debuted after last night’s exciting, surprising midseason finale, “Into The Forest I Go,” which hinted at something of a new direction for the prequel series.

Up to this point, Discovery has told the story of Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin Green), a disgraced Starfleet officer who inadvertently sparked a conflict with the Klingons while she was the first officer of the USS Shenzhou. That encounter cost the lives of many, including Burnham’s beloved captain, Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh). Following a court martial, Burnham improbably finds herself aboard the USS Discovery, where the mysterious Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) looks to exploit Burnham’s genius to help him with some revolutionary new technology that could not only end the war, but unlock the secrets of the universe.

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Star Trek: Discovery Midseason Premiere Trailer Raises New Questions