Percy Hynes White Amy Acker and Natalie Alyn Lind in The Gifted

In the wake of an explosive seventh episode, The Gifted teases the introduction of the original Von Strucker twins in a new trailer for the next episode, ‘threat of eXtinction’. The freshman Marvel show is off to a strong start with competitive ratings and incredibly engaging storylines. Recently, however, the show has begun to add a bit of mystery, from Roderick Campbell’s plans to the true nature of Andy and Lauren Strucker’s abilities and just what might be in store for the teens in their tumultuous life with the mutant underground.

That path seems to be leading them straight to the Von Struckers. Originally characters from the opposite side of the MCU tying into Baron Von Strucker and Hydra, Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker were villains who wholeheartedly supported Von Strucker and Hydra’s cause. Ruthless and terrifying, the pair became international terrorists and tormented everyone from the X-Men to ...

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