Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld Season 1 Episode 5

Westworld season 2 will still premiere in spring 2018. A reimagining of Michael Chricton’s 1973 sci-fi/Western hybrid, the long-gestating series took years to make it to screen. The pilot was greenlit in 2013, a series order was granted the following year, and after a number of delays, the show finally debuted on HBO in 2016. Because of its ambitious nature, it was unsurprising when executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy announced Westworld wouldn’t return until 2018. The narratives often hinge upon big, story-changing twists, and the visual effects are elaborate, both things that demand lots of time and careful planning. Considering how long it took to make season 1, a 2018 target seemed quite reasonable.

Then, in July, a PR overview of the premiere dates ...

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