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Ant-Man and the Wasp Will Be a Comic Book Romantic Comedy

Ant-Man Paul Rudd Scott Lang

Marvel continues to reinvent its Cinematic Universe properties into recognizable film types, the most recent being Ant-Man and the Wasp, which will be Marvel’s first romantic comedy. From the political thriller story Captain America: The Winter Soldierto Spider-Man: Homecoming’John Hughes like themes, audiences are drawn in by Marvel crafting sub-genres onto their films. It’s a smart move by Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige to help audiences avoid superhero fatigue.

It’s also a move that’s working. Marvel’s films are critically beloved as well as loved by audiences. Making Marvel films more then just comic book movies also offers a circumvention of traditional tropes of the sub-genres as ...

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15 Things That Make No Sense About The Borg

Borg Star Trek Voyager Next Generation Picard Seven of Nine Borg Queen

Star Trek has some of the most iconic villains in science-fiction history. From omnipotent tricksters, to petty conmen, to genetically engineered super-humans, the Trek rogues’ gallery is varied. Yet none can boast about being as viscerally frightening as the Borg.

Part organic lifeform, part machine, the Borg are formed into “the Collective”, a hivemind that controls their aims, actions, and thoughts. Their aim? To destroy all life they see as inferior, assimilating any species in which they find value, in order to achieve perfection.

In stark contrast to the monologuing villains often associated with Star Trek, the Borg ...

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Marvel’s Avengers Begin a ‘Battle of The Biceps’


The days of Captain America’s biceps ruling the Marvel Universe may be over, thanks to Marvel’s new Thor. That’s arguably the biggest reveal from the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer, which is saying something, considering the film will be uniting most of the MCU’s favorite names and faces for one massive battle. But when the hordes of Marvel fans the world over got their eyes on the footage, the REAL battle being waged became clear: has Captain America finally found the biceps to dethrone him as the MCU’s buffest?

Knowing how deep loyalties run among superhero fans, even suggesting that Thor’s display of muscular fortitude could rival the emotion, the drama, and the bulging cotton ...

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Ant-Man 2 Is Marvel’s First Romantic Comedy

Marvel fans may be dividing further with Ant-Man and the Wasp now being described as a rom-com.

15 A-Lister Cameos You Totally Missed In DC

DC Comics, along with their parent company Warner Bros., have been cranking out beloved animation and live-action productions for over 75 years, all the way back to the classic art deco Superman cartoons by the Fleischer brothers in 1941.

Over the years, plenty of A-list stars have lent their voices and talents to DC comics productions, and some have cameos so quick that you wouldn’t even know you were seeing or hearing an A-lister until their name showed up in the credits.

For some, it’s a fun way to let ...

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