Gotham - Jerome in Season 3

The trailer for next week’s midseason finale of Gotham shows a war igniting in the streets and the return of Jerome. As Gotham embraces its comic roots more and more each season, it’s also become flooded with serial killers and supervillains. Scarecrow kicked off season 4 of the series and teased his evolution as one of the city’s future big bads. The past few episodes, meanwhile, have seen Gotham immersed in the threat of the diabolical Professor Pyg.

Played to perfection by Michael Cerveris (Fringe), Pyg has killed corrupt cops, ruffled Penguin’s feathers, and forced Gotham’s elite to literally eat the poor. The villain is easily one of the show’s most deranged, with Cerveris ramping up the camp and scenery chewing even for a Gotham rogue. But as fun as Pyg is, fans are still eager for the show’s original lunatic to return: Jerome. Essentially Gotham‘s ...

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