Lauren Cohan’s Maggie thinks that The Saviors will surrender, in this sneak peek clip from The Walking Dead season 8 midseason finale. AMC’s zombie drama has struggled somewhat in its eighth season, with The Walking Dead‘s ratings reaching new lows on a regular basis and reviewers criticizing dull episodes for having too much aimless wandering.

However, The Walking Dead season 8 midseason finale promises to be an explosive affair, with the episode’s teaser trailer showing Rick’s gang whipping out the big guns for their next confrontation with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s big bad, Negan. Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and all his allies are proving to be strong opponents to The Saviors, to the point that Maggie expects Negan’s troops to lay down their arms and give up.

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Maggie makes that claim in this week’s ‘sneak peek’ preview scene. The Walking Dead always allows ...

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