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6 Marvel Villains Weaker Than You Think (And 10 That Are Stronger)


Debates about which Marvel villains are the best and worst have been going on for decades and it’s highly unlikely that a consensus will be reached anytime soon. The translation of these characters from comic books and graphic novels to live-action media only makes this matter more complex.

What works on the page often doesn’t translate well when it comes to bringing characters to life in movies or on television. There are issues such as miscasting a role or poor character design that can often factor into how a villain is represented. Additionally, an evil character may be tweaked for unknown reasons, further baffling those who are ...

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YouTube’s Losing Its Own Community

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YouTube updated the monetization policy in a way that has the creative base up in arms over the future of the platform. The overall changes to their policy will cut out any monetization opportunities for the smaller creators of YouTube, which make up a large percentage of YouTube’s community.

The new policy enacted by YouTube requires any users seeking monetization to accrue 4,000 hours of views over the course of a year, as well as a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to their channel. These changes replace the previous policy that allowed any user with 10,000 views to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. The Partner Program allows users to seek monetization by tacking advertisements into their content, as well as gaining subscribers from ...

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Jessica Chastain & Octavia Spencer Reunite for New Christmas Comedy

The Help stars Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer are reuniting for an untitlted Christmas comedy that Universal Pictures won in a heated bidding war.

New Alien Shooter Game Is Set in the Movie Universe

FoxNext Games has acquired Cold Iron Studios, who will work on a new PC/console shooter game set in the Alien movie universe.

Scarlett Johansson Shares Plans and Ideas for Black Widow Movie

The Black Widow movie is in development and Scarlett Johansson reveals that she is invested in the character.
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