Iconic horror villain Pinhead is back in the official trailer for Hellraiser: Judgment, the latest entry in the long-running franchise. When Clive Barker first brought Pinhead to the screen with 1987’s original Hellraiser – after first creating the character in his novella The Hellbound Heart – it’s doubtful that he ever envisioned what a household name the leather-clad villain would become. Hellraiser has gone on to spawn eight sequels, with no permanent end in sight for the franchise.

Of course, just because Pinhead is famous, doesn’t mean he’s always been treated with respect. Ever since 1996’s widely disliked Hellraiser: Bloodline failed to make a splash in theaters, the franchise has been relegated to the land of direct to video, and ever-decreasing budgets. Still, just because something skips theaters doesn’t mean it has to be bad, and that’s more ...

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