The Riverdale midseason trailer teases that when season 2 resumes, Archie Andrews and Hiram Lodge will literally be at each other’s throats. Since the second year of the dark teen soap began, the classic rivalry between Archie and Hiram has existed mostly in the background. Archie and Hiram’s antagonistic relationship is nearly as iconic in the comics as Archie being romantically torn between Hiram’s daughter, Veronica, and Betty Cooper. Yet, Riverdale has pretty much ignored Archie and Hiram’s interactions.

Now that The Black Hood story has been tied up (or at least appears to be), Riverdale is much more free to explore other and newer stories. Without the threat of a serial killer, Riverdale can be much more soapy and (hopefully) fun again. It appears that the Archie and Hiram rivalry will be leading that charge. Yet this is just one of several stories Riverdale will be ...

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