Victor’s back in the trailer for Victor Crowley – the fourth movie in the Hatchet franchise. In 2006, writer and director Adam Green made a name for himself in the world of horror with the slasher film Hatchet. Set in the swamp during Mardi Gras, the movie was a love letter to the slasher films of the last few decades. There was a final girl who would do anything to survive, plenty of people to get graphically butchered along the way, a fair amount of humor, and an inhuman killer who just wouldn’t stay down. The film was popular and successful enough to spawn two sequels, Hatchet II in 2010 and Hatchet III in 2013.

Last August, fans of Hatchet went to a 10th anniversary screening of the film in Hollywood – or so they thought. To their surprise and delight, they were instead shown Victor Crowley, a new sequel which had been made entirely in secret. ...

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