Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League

One DC fan has created a suitably epic edit, showing just how Superman’s big return could have played out in Justice League.

The Man of Steel’s resurrection in Justice League was perhaps one of the film’s strangest plots. While the film theoretically followed on from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it rewrote Superman’s role. He was presented as a beacon of hope that had been extinguished, rather than the conflicted hero of Snyder’s films. Meanwhile, the actual resurrection was achieved through Kryptonian scienceBatman V Superman had dropped hints that Superman wasn’t really dead after all, with energy still emanating from his coffin. These were ignored.

One fan has clearly decided he could make this work a little better. He’s created a phenomenal edit, one that combines a recently-released deleted scene with clips from the previous DCEU movies. The result is, frankly, ...

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