John Wick 2 Poster NYCC

John Wick: Chapter 3, the continuing adventures of Keanu Reeves’ indestructible hitman, will reportedly start filming on or around April 26th, 2018. The ultra-violent John Wick: Chapter 2 became a solid hit in 2017 for Lionsgate, grossing $92 million domestically. Director Chad Stahelski returns for the third installment, together with returning screenwriter Derek Kolstad.

The original John Wick released in 2014 and immediately garnered a cult following. The movie stars Keanu Reeves as Wick, a retired hitman who goes on a mad killing spree after Russian gangsters steal his beloved car and kill his even-more-beloved dog (both reminders of his recently deceased wife). John Wick 2 built out the first film’s universe, introducing us to the High Table, a ...

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