Warning: SPOILERS for The Flash season 4, episode 11

Female speedster Jesse Quick could be returning to The Flash in season 4. The daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth-2 hasn’t been seen this season since episode 3, “Luck Be a Lady,” after choosing to go back home and protect her own universe. In her last appearance on the show, Wally visited Earth-2 after receiving a break-up cube from Jesse, and the two ultimately decided to part ways.

However, that wasn’t the last time we heard of Jesse. As recently as this past week, Harrison Wells has been said to be visiting his daughter on Earth-2. While Jesse did kick her father off the crime-fighting team they created at S.T.A.R. Labs due to him being too demanding, thus freeing him up to return to Earth-1 to help our heroes, there’s clearly no bad blood between ...

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