Karl Urban in Bent

Karl Urban isn’t an actor restricted by type; he’s been in all manner of genre movies – from high-fantasy (The Lord of the Rings) to big-budget sci-fi (Star Trek) to throwback superhero (Thor: Ragnarok), and much, much more. His latest film, Bent, is a crime thriller that sees him take on the neo-noir. Urban plays Danny Gallagher, a former cop framed for as being dirty who, upon leaving prison years later, finds himself wrapped up in a tale of duplicity and dark pasts.

Screen Rant recently caught up with Urban to discuss Bent, where we talked about his and director Bobby Moresco’s shared love of noir film, how he made the character distinct from the grizzled Dredd, and the appeal of the film’s heightened sexuality. We’re also excited to share an exclusive clip from the film – the early boat-set shootout ...

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