The Winchesters team up with Scooby-Doo in the trailer for the animated Supernatural crossover episode, ‘ScoobyNatural’. Last night’s episode, ‘A Most Holy Man’, lightened things up a bit by having the brothers head out on a heist to help save their mom and Jack from Apocalypse World. The plot has been a major one for awhile now on the show, as the alternate Michael and his army are planning to bring doom to Sam and Dean’s world. But at the end of the month, things will be headed in a more whimsical direction.

Though it’s been awhile since Supernatural aired one of its more absurd, meta episodes, they’re about to outdo even themselves. The first images and synopsis for ‘ScoobyNatural’ arrived yesterday, showing what the Winchesters and Cas will look like when they join forces with Mystery, Inc. on the animated plane. And while ...

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