Steven Strait The Expanse Season 3

Last month SYFY shared a surprisingly effective but low-key teaser for The Expanse season 3 that hinted at the conflict to come, and now the network has delivered an action-packed full trailer that puts the crew of the Rocinante in the midst of all-out war. The discord between Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance has been steadily intensifying since the series began, and after the events of season 2 saw Martian soldiers attacked and the OPA armed with the protomolecule, it looks as though the days of tension-filled brinksmanship are over.

In addition, Holden, Amos, and Alex are forced to confront the idea that one of their own has played a part in the bloodshed that will undoubtedly result, after Naomi admitted to handing over the deadly protomolecule to Fred Johnson despite having previously sworn to its destruction. That decision is just one of many that will impact the ...

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