Hereditary has a frightening new trailer that focuses on Charlie, the young daughter in the Graham family. This film is the feature-length debut from writer and director Ari Aster.

Following the Graham family, Hereditary tells the story of a bereaved family after the death of the matriarch, Ellen. In the aftermath of Ellen’s passing, her daughter’s family begins to discover terrifying secrets about their ancestry. Based on the Hereditary trailers released thus far, the film will be a psychological horror experience that, until recent years, we rarely got to see on the big screen. Early reviews from Sundance Film Festial and SXSW have raved about the film’s horror elements, and this new trailer further promises we’re in for a wild ride.

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Hereditary‘s “Charlie” trailer focuses on young Charlie Graham, played by Milly Shapiro in her film debut. There is definitely something ...

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