Nick Fury and Thanos in Avengers Infinity War

You can always expect an end-credits scene after a Marvel movie, but for their next film it may be worth skipping: perhaps Avengers: Infinity War shouldn’t have a post-credits scene.

It’s true that Marvel Studios didn’t invent the post-credits scene, but they’ve made it their own. Iron Man‘s stinger was really the launchpad for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe; it featured Samuel Jackson’s Nick Fury introducing Tony Stark (and viewers) to “a bigger universe.” That was really the moment the journey to Avengers: Infinity War began, and it’s appropriate that the journey has continued on through the end-credits sequences: The AvengersAvengers: Age of Ultron, and even Thor: Ragnarok featured post-credits scenes establishing the importance of Thanos.

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Infinity War SHOULDN’T Have A Post-Credits Scene

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