Archive for May 11, 2018

Infinity War Storms China with Huge $76M Box Office Debut

Avengers: Infinity War opened in its final international market, where it earned a whopping 96% market share.

Hugh Jackman Responds to Deadpool Vs. Wolverine Crossover Requests

Hugh Jackman dresses down Ryan Reynolds in a hilarious response to the possible Wolverine and Deadpool movie.

Does Solo Have a Post-Credit Scene?

Solo: A Star Wars Story has screened and now we know if the movie has a end-credits scene.

Infinity War Comic-Con Posters Had Spoilers Hiding in Plain Sight

A new re-examination of the epic poster Marvel released at Comic-Con 2017 showed several Avengers: Infinity War spoilers that everyone missed.

Avengers 4 Story Leaks Supported by 2-Year-Old Directors Interview?

A new Avengers 4 rumor has some pretty far-fetched ideas, but a few details have seemingly been confirmed by the Russo Brothers.
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