Archive for May 18, 2018

Andy Serkis Wants in on The Batman

The Batman is still on uncertain ground in some ways, but Andy Serkis is interested in a role in the movie.

Ryan Reynolds & Josh Brolin Call James Corden Ugly in Late Night Sketch

James Corden is the ugly in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, according to Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin in recent Deadpool 2 press stop.

Agent Coulson’s Role in Captain Marvel Revealed by Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg has shed some light on Agent Coulson's role in Captain Marvel.

Happytime Murders Red Band Trailer Is Insane R-Rated Muppet Madness

The first trailer for The Happytime Murders takes puppets to filthy, violent places you've never seen.

How Deadpool 2 Sets Up the X-Force Movie

Deadpool 2 introduces us to the X-Force and helps set the table for the team to have their own movie.
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