Archive for May 27, 2018

Why Kylo Ren Is a Better Villain Than Darth Vader According to Donald Glover

Solo actor Donald Glover has an unpopular opinion about Kylo Ren being a better villain than Darth Vader.

Solo Gives Deep Cut Shout Out to Worst Star Wars Game Ever

Solo dives deep into the EU to bring back some rather obscure references from Star Wars history.

Classic Disney VHS Tapes Get Turned Into Awesome Personal Journals

Disney takes their most beloved animated classics and transformed them into VHS-shaped diaries.

Solo Bombs Big at Chinese Box Office with Measly $10.1M Debut

Chinese audiences really don't want anything to do with Star Wars as Solo tanks in third place on opening weekend.

Billy Dee Williams in Training to Return as Lando in Star Wars 9?

A new rumor claims that Billy Dee Williams is finally getting back in shape to play Lando, just as Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher did before their return to Star Wars.
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