<img src="https://https://static3.srcdn.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Sense8-Cast.jpg" /><p>Netflix delivers the first trailer for the <a href="https://screenrant.com/tag/sense8/"><b><i>Sense8</i></b></a> series finale that will hopefully bring the series to a more satisfying conclusion than its unceremonious cancelation last year would have. The existence of the two-hour finale is a sign that, every now and then, the outcry from a devoted fan base, upon learning their favorite show has been axed, can have a positive outcome. It’s conciliatory to a certain degree as those shouting the loudest would certainly prefer the series continue on in perpetuity, but a definitive ending is better than no ending at all.</p><p>The circumstances that brought the <i>Sense8</i> finale to fruition are becoming increasingly common as the economics of the entertainment industry come up against the expectations of a vocal audience taking to social media to express their displeasure over a cancelation. It seems especially pronounced as of late, following FOX’s recent cancelation of <a href="https://screenrant.com/tag/brooklyn-nine-nine/"><i>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</i></a> and the subsequent reaction on social media to that news. While <i>Brooklyn Nine-Nine</i> joins <i>Timeless</i> as a rare series given a stay of execution, other shows with passionate fan bases, like <a href="https://screenrant.com/tag/the-expanse/"><i>The Expanse</i></a> and <a href="https://screenrant.com/tag/lucifer/"><i>Lucifer</i></a>, have yet to receive the proverbial call from the governor.<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span></p> <strong>Click to continue reading <a href="https://screenrant.com/sense8-series-finale-trailer-netflix/">Sense8 Series Finale Trailer Promises One Last Mission</a></strong><br /><br /> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://screenrant.com/sense8-series-finale-trailer-netflix/">Sense8 Series Finale Trailer Promises One Last Mission</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="https://screenrant.com/">ScreenRant</a>