Archive for June 2, 2018

Black Canary and Huntress to Debut in DC’s Birds of Prey?

A new rumor claims that both Black Canary and Huntress will make their DCEU introduction in Birds of Prey.

Pixar Trashed Most of the Toy Story 4 Script, Causing Major Delays

Bo Peep actress Annie Potts reveals Pixar scrapped the majority of the Toy Story 4 script.

Stan Lee Faces Down Two Gunmen Outside LA Home

Police arrested two armed men who confronted Stan Lee outside of his home in Los Angeles.

Solo Is Taking a Big Plunge at the Box Office This Weekend

Moviegoers are softening on Solo fast, with the movie expected to fizzle in its second weekend.

Brian de Palma Is Writing a Horror Movie About the Weinstein Scandal

Filmmaker Brian De Palma revealed in a new interview that he's writing a horror movie that addresses the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal.
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