Film buffs continue to be mixed on the use of CGI in film. On one hand, it can be revolutionary, creating new worlds as big and as wondrous as the imagination of the people envisioning it. On the other hand, it’s replacing the amazing and dedicated craft of practical sets and effects. Those can add a sense of realism to the audience at times. Where the debate really heats up is between the creation of CGI characters or “make-up” over the use of practical make-up effects. Sometimes, it’s necessary and easier to create a CGI character, but other times we need to question: ‘do we really need it?’

While the technology has definitely grown, it can still inhabit the territory of the uncanny valley in observers. For those of you who don’t know what that is,  it’s the feeling of eeriness that you get when something looks like a human or humanoid, but something about it looks fake enough to creep you out. It’s been used a lot more in conjunction with humanoid or human CGI characters in film or video games. Though there seems to be more tolerance with it in video games.

With this in mind, it’s time to get a little uncanny and dive deep into some really, really bad CGI that makes those goosebumps rise. To palette cleanse, we’re off-setting it with some amazing CGI that proves that the medium is getting better. Here are 10 Actors Who Looked Terrible With CGI Effects (And 10 Who Looked Better).  

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