It’s fair to say that there are a lot of benefits to being a Hollywood movie star – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t downsides, either. Maybe the biggest challenge actors face on a regular basis – other than trying to keep their private lives, y’know, “private” – is choosing their next role.

This might not sound like too much of a dilemma. Think about it: could you tell whether or not a film was going to be a hit, just by flicking through the script?

Make no mistake, it’s vitally important for actors – even those on the A-list who command astronomical salaries – to consistently appear in commercially successful films, in order to retain their box office viability in the eyes of movie studio executives.

Yet despite their very best efforts, many of the biggest names in the business have passed up the opportunity to feature in hit movies that would almost certainly have had a positive impact on their careers.

True, actors aren’t exactly interchangeable, and there’s no guarantee that a popular flick would have worked as well as it did with an alternative cast member substituted in. However it’s hard not argue that a well-written part paired with a talented performer is likely to pay dividends.

On the other hand, history is fortunately also chock full of instances where industry veterans shrewdly avoided taking part in cinematic outings that tanked financially - and often times, critically, as well.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up this list of 11 Actors Who Turned Down Hit Movies (And 9 Who Dodged Major Flops).

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