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Insane Dream Warriors Welcome to Primetime Freddy Figure Teased by NECA

NECA has previewed yet another awesome Dream Warriors figure with the addition of the Welcome to Primetime figure.

Henry Cavill Says He’ll Be Back as Superman Soon

Henry Cavill took to social media to tease the imminent return of Superman.

Gal Gadot Is Back in Costume in Wonder Woman 1984 Photo

Gal Gadot has released the first picture of Diana Prince in costume from the set of Wonder Woman 1984.

The Rock Posts Hilarious Skyscraper-MPR Raccoon Mashup Poster

After a raccoon's ascent up a 23-story building in St. Paul, MN went viral, Dwayne Johnson paid homage to the "MPR Raccoon" with a hilarious new Skyscraper poster.

21 Crazy Things Only True Fans Know About Black Widow And Daredevil’s Relationship


It’s always a strange thing in the world of superheroes when romance inserts itself into the breaks between flying, smashing, fighting and saving the day. Virtually every major metahuman character has had a significant other at some point in their crimefighting (or crime-promoting) careers. It takes on an entirely new dimension when one super person decides to start coupling with another super person.

Perhaps the most anticipated wedding of 2018 stands out: Batman tying the knot with none other than Catwoman. Less discussed is the lost-to-time relationship between Daredevil and Black Widow.

While the divide between the Netflix Defenders universe and the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe where The Avengers reside keeps these two apart on screen, they share a greater bond in the comic books pages. It’s such a perfect power couple that even Daredevil star Charlie Cox has openly lobbied for Natasha Romanoff to come to Netflix to make the pairing official on screen.

In the pages of Marvel Comics, though, this rough and ready combo has been thoroughly explored and we are here to tell you – sometimes things have gotten pretty weird between them! Besides all the usual stuff that happens between consenting adults, this pair had to deal with supervillains, bankruptcy, and even a secret alien plot against them. Heck, there was even a whole lot of super jealousy going on!

Spoiler alter: they had to break up eventually. Too much drama perhaps?

Here are 21 Crazy Things Only True Fans Know About Black Widow And Daredevil’s Relationship!

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