Archive for June 26, 2018

Simon Pegg Says Another Movie with Edgar Wright Is a Given

Simon Pegg says he and Nick Frost will make another movie with Edgar Wright when the timing is right.

Power Pack Movie Is Still Rolling Forward at Marvel

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige still has some interest in making a Power Pack movie.

Pierce Brosnan Wants Tom Hardy as the Next James Bond

Former 007 actor Pierce Brosnan thinks Tom Hardy has what it takes to follow-up Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Netflix’s Wonderland Reunites Mark Wahlberg & Director Peter Berg

Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg team up for a fifth time at Netflix with Wonderland.

Disney Wants to Dump Star Wars Boss Kathleen Kennedy, But There’s a Problem?

A new report claims Disney's Bob Iger wants Kathleen Kennedy gone as the head of LucasFilm, but that's easier said than done.
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