Though a number of organized groups who wielded the dark side of the Force rose up to oppose the Jedi Order, none was so powerful or infamous as the Sith. The precise origins of the philosophy adopted by the Sith lie shrouded in mystery. However, the legends of the Star Wars universe speak of the Sith, strong in the dark side, who met and interbred with a group of dark Jedi who had been cast out of the Jedi Order and forced to flee to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. In time, the culture and language of the Sith became as one with the teachings they imparted to any dark Jedi who wished to learn their ways.

Galactic history has no record of a Sith race, but acknowledges that the first Force-wielders known as the Sith appeared during the time known as The Hundred-Year Darkness. They waged a long war on the Jedi Order, conquering worlds, enslaving whole races, and building vast temples devoted to their dark powers. As they did so, the Sith Lords formally codified their teachings, developing a Code of the Sith as a dark mockery of the teachings of The Jedi.

Strangely enough, many aspects of the Sith Code seemed contradictory. Individual Sith Lords had different interpretations of what the individual laws meant. The resulting disagreements over dogma rarely ended peacefully, for peace was not in the Sith’s nature. Indeed, it is likely the Code of the Sith was meant to provoke such conflict.

Here are 20 Crazy Rules Sith Must Follow.

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