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Robert Englund Shares the Secret of A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Success

Freddy Krueger is a horror icon because of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and Robert Englund knows why.

Harvey Weinstein Faces Life in Prison Following More Sex Crime Charges

Former industry mogul Harvey Weinstein could be facing life in prison over his recent indictments.

IT 2 Cast Photo Unites the Adult Losers Club

Warner Bros. has announced the official start of production on IT 2 which arrives on September 6, 2019.

Japan’s Jurassic World Restaurant Is Serving Some Insane Meals

A Jurassic World inspired cafe just opened in Japan and its pretty crazy

Suspiria Remake Left Quentin Tarantino in Tears

Suspiria remake director Luca Guadagnio says that Quentin Tarantino loved the movie.
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