Archive for July 4, 2018

Guy Pearce Hints at Kevin Spacey Misconduct on L.A. Confidential Set

Guy Pearce is the latest actor to come out and suggest that Kevin Spacey was inappropriate on a movie set.

Zack Snyder Is Assembling Justice League Cut Without Warner Bros.

The Zack Snyder cut of Justice League will never die as new rumors surround a possible release.

Thanos Subreddit Bans Half Its Users in a Tribute to Infinity War

The Thanos Did Nothing Wrong subreddit is about to get a massive makeover in a few days.

10 Happy Gilmore Facts You Never Knew

Adam Sandler's golf comedy classic has been beloved by fans for years, but there's still so much to discover about the making of the movie.

Last Jedi Remake Gets the Perfect Fan-Made Poster

A buff Luke Skywalker presides over a cavalcade of madness in a poster for the supposed Last Jedi remake that will probably never happen.
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